7 WhatsApp features that will be completely changes Experience


7 WhatsApp features that will be completely changes Experience

The world-renowned Whatsapp, which changed the way of messaging, is coming out with 7 such features in 2019 that will give users a new experience. Some of these features will improve the design and chats, then give new experiments to run some apps. Some of the features we are telling you are being tested, while some are about to be launched soon.

Media preview

Testing of Whatsapp media preview feature. Under this, users can see through the notification that what is the video, audio or image sent. This means that you do not have to open Whatsapp and just by notification, you will know what is the thing sent.

QR Code Features

Suppose you have to share a contact, you will get the option of Whatsapp QR code. Testing is in progress and you will get this option in Whatsapp as soon as possible.

Dark Mode

The testing company of this feature has been doing quite well since. This feature will be great for use in low light or inappropriate use of Whatsapp. Smartphone also has a dark mode option that you can enable.

Contact Ranking Feature

This year you will also see a contact ranking feature in the Whatsapp app. You will find a list under which you will find out who you are talking about most. This feature will not require you to contact the contact again and again.

Easy to listen to voice messages

After listening to one voice message will get a new feature. So far, after a voice message, you have to play another manually. This feature is also in testing and it can be given to all soon. That means many voices messages coming together will play itself one by one.

Lock Feature

Now you will be able to lock your own Whatsapp app separately for privacy and this will allow you to own the Whatsapp app. The feature of Locking Whatsapp app by fingerprint scanner and face lock will be first released for iPhone users.

Private reply

This feature will be specially for discussion in the group. In the group, you can reply directly to a message by sending it directly to the person you want. Others will not get this message.

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