Do you remember the 6 Tech Gadgets like ‘Calculator Clock’?


calculator watch and 6 other gadgets you used not so long ago 6 features

Within the country of 90's, technological momentum was caught within the country. Access to new gadgets started in big cities as well as in small towns. We started adopting technology in sports. From clock to video games and cassette players, they started leaving their minds on people's hearts and minds. At that time, along with well-known companies, other companies also brought new examples of technology. Someone drew the attention of customers by offering unique features at a low price, on some of the unique designs.

Today's talk of such gadgets, which will give you the memories of that period. You must have used them somewhere, sometimes or definitely. If you do not have one, then you must have seen these gadgets in the hands of a friend:


Walkman's popularity as a portable cassette player People used to walk in the belt with Walkman and headphones. For a long time, Walkman was considered to be 'status symbol'. Along with the Sony company, other companies also tried to hand over the Walkman Walkman hit every small town and was liked as a gadget among the people.

Calculator Watch

The clocks equipped with calculator attracted everyone's attention in the 90's. There were restrictions on taking these watches in particular to the 'test hall'. Their popularity may have diminished even today, but they were purchased quite a lot in that period. Even today if you want to buy them, e-commerce site can buy on Amazon India for Rs 220.

Brick Game (Handheld)

Brick Game was one of the best 'Time Pass' games of the 90's. This brick game, equipped with two small batteries,seen or used by everyone at that time. There are two or three options in this game, which obtained by playing alternately and the points are acquired. This brick game in several color variants written down to model number. The above display used, according to which the physical button was to be used.

Walky Talky

Walkie-talkie was one of those toys of that time, which kids liked very much. This actually meant the lack of 'phone' for the kids, which was not the trend of giving them at that age. The game of 'Over and Out' was very popular by turning it on. As long as their batteries did not end, playing with them did not stop there.

Cassette Video Games

The first image made when the name of the cassette video game revealed, games like Super Mario, Contra and Duck Hunt. Cassette video games ruled fiercely in the 90's. The low price of these games is the craze of the people and the people quote the quote. Later the cassette game started to brought in the 'keyboard' variant. Over time, the play station replaced them, but their memory still alive in the heart of the people.

Sony Playstation (1994)

Sony had come with the first play station in 2004. At that time, this gaming console completely changed the world of video game. At that time when people could not afford to buy PS, they would go to their outlets and play it. Even today, people like 'Bike City' and 'San And Dreyjas' remembered, which possible to play for the first time from this play station.

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